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Association of Residential Managing Agents

To make things easier, we offer two straightforward options – a standard management service and the standard management with company administration. Tailored to your exact needs, we’ll provide you with a clear fee structure, which can be apportioned and recovered from the owners.

Our Standard Management Service includes:

  • Preparation of an Annual Service Charge budget.
  • Collection of owners contributions.
  • Payment of suppliers and contractors from the funds held.
  • Preparation of Annual Service Charge Account and organising certification by independent Chartered Accountants.
  • Inspections of the development and instruction of competent contractors to attend to minor repairs.
  • Ensuring compliance with current Health & Safety legislation and risk assessments.
  • Consultation with residents over major work and other matters.

Our Company Administration includes:

  • Arranging Registered Office address.
  • Maintaining company records.
  • Acting as Company Secretary.
  • Dealing with membership transfers.
  • Liaising with Accountants to provide Company Accounts.
  • Filing annual returns and other Companies House documentation.
  • Organising the Annual General Meeting and producing minutes.

“Financial information is presented efficiently and punctually – not always the case with Managing Agents.”

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